Currently Loving: Printed T’s





Suggested Text

You know that suggested words feature above your keyboard that people either love or hate?

Have you ever let those suggested words write for you? No? Then that makes two of us.

So lets go on a wacky adventure together and do it in this blog post.

Here is 100 words my phone thought made sense to put together. Punctuation by me.

I don’t think it’s time you have a nice day. To the point where it is not an option for me. To the next day.

“You’re there” is a very good at the end of, the best thing to me and you.

Know what you want to get. A follow from you – would like?

To be in the morning is the only way to the next day. You’re there.

Is a very good.

At the end of the best thing to me.

And I love you so much.

Better than a month ago.

I have to go on a roll on.

And that, my friends, is what I am now calling, suggested text poetry.

What would happen if instead of hate, we poured out the love of Jesus.

What would happen if we decided that the souls of our brothers and sisters was more valuable than our own physical comfort or sense of pride?

What would happen if we confronted the darkness with His light, with His love?