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DIY Marble Macbook Cover

This is a great little DIY project from Rosaria Grace.



Marble contact paper


A sharp craft knife

A Macbook


Step One 

Place the contact paper over your Macbook and roughly cut it to the same size.


Step Two

Remove the protective seal from the back of the contact paper and slowly stick it to your Macbook
(use a ruler to flatten the contact paper as you go helps to prevent air bubbles).


Step Three

Use a sharp craft knife to cut around the edges of your Macbook.


Step Four 

Cut around the Apple logo and peel it off
(if you have trouble seeing the edges of the logo you can lift your laptop lid slightly so the light shines through).

And voila! 


when i saw this i couldn’t help but laugh.

my mother is a very intelligent woman who, for some unknown reason, has serious trouble using the remotes (and various other forms of technology – don’t get me started on her and ‘smart phones’). she will be fine for a little while (turns the tv on, changes channel etc) and then i will get a frantic/annoyed/angry phone call about the ‘stupid tv’ which for some reason won’t work.

in most cases it is because she has hit a wrong button and/or changed some setting. 

this might just be the answer.