Month: February 2014

A different way of viewing love in modern society

In this TED talk, Yann Dall’aglio reflects on what it is to love and be loved in modern society.

And there is something to be said for someone who can clearly portray such novel concepts with wit and grace – I truly loved and felt the need for self reflection after watching this talk.

Side note:

This talk was cut short. Yann Dall’aglio goes on to conclude:

I believe that self-mockery
is one of the best means for the relationship to last.
There is a lot of beauty
and humanity in the fact of understanding
that I am too small, too mediocre
to confront the other and harm them, and vice versa.
In this regard, I would like to conclude this talk
letting you contemplate and meditate
on a sentence that you may already know,
but I believe it really deserves to be
rediscovered everyday:

“Us mere nothings should not be tearing each other apart”


give him a medal…

Originally from the Huffington Post:

Gus Kenworthy’s tweets showing photos of him with adorable stray puppies in Sochi are eliciting awwws around the world. Even better, the images are more than just a photo op. (more…)