Month: September 2013

trailer park at the village

Last night I headed to Trailer Park to check out the food truck takeover of the Ex Belgium Beer Garden on St Kilda Rd.


I must say, this is one of my favourite pop ups events ever.

The food was excellent, the atmosphere was relaxed and parking was easy. What more can you ask for?


Trailer Park has closed for now but will reopen for one weekend in October.

Make sure you check out their Facebook for details on the vendors and head on down if you have a few spare hours over the weekend of the 12th/13th.


Remember to wear stretch pants. Especially if the guy making Nutella Crepes is in the line up again.

Actually, just wear stretch pants anyway. Because this is the kind of stuff you will be faced with.




DISCLAIMER:  Most of the pictures above are not mine – they were found on instagram. I was too busy eating to take many of my own pictures. Check out the hashtags: #villagemelbourne and #villagemelb for more great shots of the event.


update: the ongoing hair debate

if you follow me on pinterest you would know that i have been pinning plenty of pictures of hair styles lately trying to work out what i want to do with my hair for summer.

i went through a period of seriously considering cutting a whole lot off and getting a bob but then my lovely, supportive friends reminded me that last time i did that i resembled a motherly news reader. thanks girls.

so now i am considering this option, highlights and a bit of a chop. decisions, decisions.