Month: April 2013

Today I put my iPhone front camera on and let Charne look at herself. She seems to enjoy her new ‘friend’ on the screen.


kids in the park

We have recently implemented a new schedule at the crèche that allows each age group to spend some time in the ‘park’ each day.

The park is essentially a wire pen filled with sand, a rusty old metal ladder thing and a slide. There is also a plastic swing for the little kids and some digging tools. This is considered luxury for most crèches in Capricorn. The kids go mental for it.

Being in Capricorn has really made me relax about child safety. Here the kids will climb on things that are three times their height without blinking an eye. The teachers don’t run around after them making sure they don’t fall and basically let them do what they want to do so long as they aren’t hurting themselves or others.







After the Pug Race on Sunday we were walking home and I asked Ryan if he could run and jump through one of the tire hoops at the playground. Who could say no to trying that?

These types of things (silly, childlike, spur of the moment things) happen all the time here and luckily I got this one on film.