Month: October 2011


how amazing do these donuts look?! 




asos maternity

asos’s maternity line may not be extensive – the collection is currently sitting at 100 items – but they have something for every occasion. every parenting/baby blog i read talks about the struggle pregnant women have with finding stylish, affordable clothes and i think this collection might just be the answer. plus – free shipping!

 something for work:

dinner with the girls:

a night out:

shopping trip:

lunch with the family:

lazy sunday at home:

halloween: work style

as you may already know, my workplace gets very into theme days.

on thursday we had our halloween event and i would have to say this year was the best by far.

check out the costumes and make up – i mean, how amazing is this?!

i was snow white – but of course, failed to get a picture of myself so here is a mobile picture taken afterwards.

you can check out more photo’s here.




i am fascinated by siri on the new iPhone 4s. part of me is amazed at how much she can do, the other part however is wondering just how much we should be trusting a.i technology.

here is the just a small sample of what siri can do:

set your alarms, send text messages for you, tell you the weather, find restaurants for you, set reminders, play songs, search the web for answers to your questions and speak to you in normal language.

in the process, siri learns from you. using GPS she learns where you work and where you live – you can ask her to remind you to call the dentist when you get to work or empty the bins when you get home – who your family members are – you can ask her to send a text to your brother telling him you will be late – as well as follow conversations in a rational manner – you ask what the weather is like today in melbourne and then say ‘and sydney?’ and she will remember you were discussing the weather. amazing? right?

but still… skynet was amazing too…until it wasn’t.