Month: September 2011

icing magic

i just… how?! how do they do this?!


lounge room love

when i came across this first image it came with the following ‘caption’:

“i love looking at interior design blogs but half the time i have to walk away because i get so angry. like WHERE do you keep your things? where are your phone chargers? do you not have children or pets that litter your house with toys? where do you store your important documents? what about lighters and keys and cell phones and empty taco bells cups and spoons and knife sharpeners and glitter guns and  the bic ball point pens  you steal from the bank and the various usb cords you need to LIVE YOUR LIFE. you cant possibly tell me that every single aspect of these peoples lives is expertly planned and designed and organized. you cant. and if you do try to tell me that? you are a part of their robot army.”

i had to include it purely because on more than one occasion, i have thought something similar.

on another note:

these are two other lounge rooms i love right now. different but still beautiful.