Month: July 2011

this weekend

so this weekend was spent (mostly) over the other side of town at and around my friend kate’s place.

friday night after work i headed over to her place where we commenced what can only be described as a quietly productive night in. i blogged while she worked on a design project. very thrilling stuff! anyway, i guess sometimes it is just nice to be around someone after a long and crappy day. even if you are spending the time like an old married couple.

saturday morning we headed to chapel st – a well known shopping and eating district in the bay area of melbourne – for breakfast and a spot of shopping.

for breakfast we headed to orange. get food and we got to grab a table right next to the open fire in the back. i was in the mood for a serious breakfast so i got the bacon and eggs with mushrooms on the side. it was delicious and super fresh – always a bonus! unfortunately i had already devoured most of the plate before it struck me to take a picture (hungry body = slow minds) so i stole a picture of kate’s instead. the juice you can see in the picture was completely fresh and ice cold – possibly the best oj i have ever had.

after breakfast we headed out to shop. kate was determined to find a baseball style 3/4 t shirt so we headed to plane clothes ( after finding this little bargain online. the mens t-shirts just fit so well! and for only $29 – well you would be crazy to go anywhere else!

after about an hour it started to drizzle so we headed back to the car. kate knew a little secret spot with 4 hour parking on weekends (almost unheard of in this area) that always has spots available (completely unheard of in most of melbourne) so we managed to get in and out using the back streets which was fantastic. after this i headed back to my place for a shower and a nap before getting some housework done in the afternoon.

saturday night we headed out to gin palace in the city to welcome home some friends who had been in the US for the last 5 weeks.

as per normal the night started with drinks while we got ready and then more drinks when we were out. heaps of laughs, catching up and sharing stories meant i completely neglected to take any pictures of the night.

what i did take pictures of was the glorious day i woke up to this morning. melbourne weather in the winter is mainly grey sky’s and low temperatures with a bit of rain and freezing winds thrown in for good measure. today however, i was greeted with bright blue sky and 18 degree weather for the whole day. it was divine. i even drove home with the windows down – that never happens!