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And I don’t want to do the dishes…

this blog post on girl and pup made me laugh because i can see myself doing this one day. after all, no one likes doing dishes.


new favourite blog

Gal Meets Glam. I love it. I have read all the posts already. I am officially hooked. You will be seeing quite a few outfits from Julia (the girl meeting glam) because I want to steal so much of her style. Also, she has amazing hair. And skin. And makeup. Oh my! Like I said […]

it’s a shame winter is over for this year here in australia. linda juhola is bring out some great fashion picks as fall approaches in europe! tthe girl really knows how to work the classic blazer, boots, jeans combo – which is my personal go to as well.  

the man repeller

i really enjoy this girl. she is funny, witty and honest. plus, she has amazing stuff. everyone loves stuff. check her out here.

linda juhola

i stumbled along linda juhola’s blog, p.s. i love fashion, by accident. it was one of those rare discoveries in the blog world and i went through about 100 pages right away. i found myself realising that simple, classic style can translate into real life. check out her blog, p.s. i love fashion for more fantastic […]

texts from dog

this site has been doing the rounds on the interwebs lately.  i love it.  

i just love jessica quirk’s style – she does practical chic so well.  you can check out all of jessica’s looks at whatiwore.tumblr.com


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