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calligraphy wall calendars

while window shopping on etsy i came across these delightful wall calendars from crannyfoundfavourites.

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 8.44.41 PM

white suede collarless leather jacket

this  leather jacket from white suede has been on my wish list for over a year now. luckily, i already had a great cropped leather jacket that was a closet staple so i never felt the need to splurge on this beauty. while i was in cape town my go to leather jacket got damaged […]

my new toy

have you ever seen something that you know is ugly and not you, at all? and then bought it because you love it so much? meet my newest shorts. the ugliest, most loved thing i bought this week.

whitefauxtaxidermy is my new favourite esty store. but they don’t ship to australia.  how am i going to get my gold plated rhino now?!

my next investment is going to be a fantastic white blazer. decided.

you know how i have been lusting after the celine bag? look what i got! the closest i will ever get – because, well, i will never spend $2,500 on a bag.

wrap dress

a grey wrap dress is next on my ‘must have’ list. so chic.

i have no idea where i would wear this dress. but i dont care. purchase!  

turquoise necklaces

i just cannot get enough of this colour in necklaces at the moment. the colour is just amazing and seems to work with so many outfits.


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