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Happy Birthday Ma!


this is the year of hair without a care

no time to do your hair? no problem! over the past few months i have discovered the joy and relief a good haircut can provide. i can happily roll out of bed, get my hair a few flips (to give some volume) and be good to go for the day.


halloween make up 2013

My friend Sarah is probably the most hands on creative person I know. Everything she attempts turns out fantastically. All I had to do was sit there while she worked her magic. Talk about amazing!


summer hair colour?


this is a seriously great bun


will black and white ever go out of style?

seriously. this outfit is just the perfect mix of pretty and stylish.


update: the ongoing hair debate

if you follow me on pinterest you would know that i have been pinning plenty of pictures of hair styles lately trying to work out what i want to do with my hair for summer. i went through a period of seriously considering cutting a whole lot off and getting a bob but then my […]


how to make the same dress work over seasons

Summer. Spring/Autumn. Orange dress: perfect in 3/4 seasons. Who would have thought?!


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