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i love post-it notes

the things you can do with a bit of time, an unlocked stationary cupboard and a strong desire to annoy the hell out of someone.  

daydream nation

i want to watch it sooo bad – and i’m even stuck in bed! perfect opportunity, right? sadly no, because i can’t find it anywhere on the internets! ca-razy.


i got it. not so much fun. 2 days off work and feeling a. bored out of my brains b. tired and restless all at the same time c. hungry because all i can have is liquids due to my painful throat and c. smothered by oliver. he is all over me. all the time. […]

so true!

found this funny website the other night: and couldn’t help laughing at some of the ‘problems’. a few of my favourites included:  

nutella cheesecake layer bars

  “The first (bottom) layer is a chocolate graham cracker crust.  The crust isn’t overly sweet, though you could add a pinch of sugar if you’d like.  It’s more about the structural support for the bars, as well as the added chocolate flavor.” Next comes the second (middle) layer, which is really straight-forward vanilla cheesecake.  […]

gild hall, new york

while browsing one of my favourite websites,, i came across this hotel in new york. its a thompson hotel – the same company that owns the hollywood roosevelt and smyth tribeca – so you know its going to be amazing – but check out the lobby! can you say – cozy?

it’s times like this…

i just want to say ‘fuck it’ and get on a plane and go sailing in spain.


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